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Naturopathic Herbalist Certification
Herbology is the specially designed medicinal component to healing and nurturing the whole person made available by nature.

Your registration for the Naturopathic Herbology Certification Course has been received.

I know you are excited to get started, so I wanted to give you brief overview of what to expect in the coming weeks.
As you know this is a correspondence course, that means that you will receive all of your class  materials via the Priority US Mail.

In the mean time while you are waiting for your course package which will include:
1. NHC Syllabus
2. NHC Lesson Workbook

Please begin to collect the following that are required for the course: 


Required Textbooks:
Natural Health and Wellness: The Consultant Manual, by K. Akua Gray


The Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra C.A., N.D., M (1990). New York, NY: Pocket Books Order at: www.amazon.com
Prescription for Nutritional Healing: The A-to-Z Guide to Supplements Balch, Phyllis A., (2002). New York, NY: Avery –

Abe Books has the best prices
Supplies needed: Herbology Starter Kit (optional) if you already have access to similar items
Order from


Please get started in collecting the above list and do Contact Us if you have any questions.

We look forward to the journey.

Light and love,
Dr. Akua

You are also welcome to attend the online study groups beginning March 1, 2018. 


2018 Naturopathic Herbalist Online Training Sessions (Thursday Evenings)

March 1 - Lesson 1 Human Nutrition and Lesson 2 Herbal Nutrition

March 3 - Lesson 3 Herbs, Enzymes and Hormones and Lesson 4 Ethnobotany Edible Wild Plants                              

March 15 - Lesson 5 Basic Herbal and Medical Terminology and Lesson 6 Herbal Medicine Preparations           

March 22 - Lesson 7 Herbal Products Guidelines Western Pharmacology  and Lesson 8 Drug and Herbal Interactions           

March 29 - Lesson 9 Cross Cultural Herbology and Lesson 10 Tropical Medicinal  

April 5 - Lesson 11 Indigenous Herbs/Spiritual Healing and Lesson 12 Ayurvedic Medicine               

April 12 - Lesson 13 Ancient Medicine Today and Lesson 14 Herbal Aphrodisiacs (Bonus Lesson)